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Welcome to a unoffical place for suggesting elements for elemental battlegrounds, also please keep the conte age-appropriate as you may add ideas, also no vandalism.

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  1. no swearing
  2. no inappropriate picture or videos
  3. i will make a list of the names of people who do these things, there is no punishment exept being first on the list, kinda embarrassing
  4. no editing creator ideas
  5. please note: creator is me, not gamer robot, or elements for elemental battlegrounds
  6. you may sugest rules or violaters but no changing the lists
  7. if you leave out important details in comments I will finish them, BUT they will be then classified as my idea, as a warning
  8. if you leave out important details on the page I may finish them but not as you might want
  9. no changing someone’s idea without their consent
  10. I would rather you add to the page than sugesting in comments
  11. pages added to this wikia will be deleted
  12. this is a christian wikia so keep it that way
  13. if I see you have changed and will stop violating the rules I may remover you from list, no removing voilaters either or you will join them
  14. thats it, have fun

rulebreaker list Edit

creator ideas, for Nuruthefluffy onlyEdit

Wish: illusion+spirit+300 diamonds

multi-projectile spell: 300 shards, name: I wish for harm, desc.: user shoots a small white orb that will shoot medium damage bullets out of contact area, notes: contact area may be a player

transportation spell: 500 shards, name: genie float,desc.: user grows a mystic tail and floats up to desired location, notes: none

body-transformation spell: 700 shards, name: I wish for sight, desc.: user shoots a small white orb that will make conact with a played or object and will see from the target, notes: none

close range spell: 1000 shards, name: I wish for flight, desc.: user shoot a small white orb that if hits a player will allow the caster to float the target player around, notes: white orb cannot go through forcefield of safe zone

ultimate: 1600 shards, name: be careful what you wish for, desc.: user creates a giant teapot that will suck in players, deal medium damage and shoot out players when over, notes: players will go in and out of teapot pour

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roblox element idea coming by friday

poll results totaled wednesday and chosen idea will come by next wednesday

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what do you want as the next creator idea

The poll was created at 20:50 on October 12, 2018, and so far 2 people voted.

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